Precision Balls

These balls are normally used in precision ball bearings and many industrial applications. The balls made of this kind of material feature excellent surface finish, considerable hardness and a high load carrying capacity, as well as excellent wear and deformation resistance. Chrome steel balls are through hardened in order to achieve the maximum mechanical strength.

Diameters: mm 0.025 to mm 250

Precision grades: ISO 3290 G3-5-10-16-20-28-40-100-200-AFBMA G500/G1000 Balls can be made of Chrome Steel,Stainless Steel,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Titanium,Aluminium,Tungsten carbide,Glass, Plastics (Pa66,POM,PP,PTFE,…) acc. DIN 5401 Different shapes: Ball with Bore and Slot specifications on request